Scouts Only Overnight

Experience a whole new world at night! Explore the wonderful attractions at the Pier while earning your next badge. The program includes interactive activities that fulfill badge requirements, crafts and our Rise 'n Shine breakfast. Bring your sleeping bag and snooze over the bay!

Cost: $71.99 per Scout; includes hot breakfast.

Boy Scouts


Meteorology is the study of Earth's atmosphere, its weather and the ways in which the elements work in the environment. In addition to learning how everyday weather is predicted, scouts will also learn about extreme climate conditions such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and how to stay safe.


Electricity is a powerful and fascinating force of nature. As early as 600 B.C., observers of the physical world suspected that electricity existed but did not have a name for it. In fact, real progress in unraveling the mystery of electricity has come only within the last 250 years. In this program, scouts will learn how to properly respond to electrical emergencies such as how to treat electrical burns and what to do in the case of an electrical fire.


Electronics is the science that controls the behavior of electrons so that some type of useful function is performed. Scouts will learn more about this fast-changing and exciting field as well as how to use safety precautions when using, building, altering, or repairing electronic devices.

Cub Scouts (Elective Adventures)

Tiger – Sky is the Limit

It’s a big world out there! In this program, scouts will take a journey to learn more about all the wonders in the sky.  From learning how to recognize constellations to getting familiar with astronauts, scouts will enjoy a day that is out of this world!

Wolf – Air of the Wolf

Air – it’s all around us! Scouts will explore how air impacts our everyday life, from simple actions like bouncing a ball to making a balloon swell.

Bear – A Bear Goes Fishing

Scouts gone fishin’! This nature program will take scouts for an adventure full of fish, including learning about multiple species, fishing equipment, and will even try their hand at catching real fish!

Webleos/Arrows of Light – Game Design

Scouts will put their thinking caps on for this fun and creative program. Scouts will hone their leadership skills as they create their own game and teach others to play along. This interactive program will keep your scout entertained long after they’ve left the Pier!

Girl Scouts

Daisy– Money Counts

Let’s find out more about money! Scouts will learn about paper money, different kinds of coins, and discover the true cost of fun!

Brownie – Making Games

We all love games! Don’t we? Scouts will learn how to have fun without the use of electronics, a deck of cards, or even a basketball. Games are everywhere— you just have to use your imagination to make them up!

Junior – Entertainment Technology

All work and no play can make life pretty dull. But if you learn the ins and outs of entertainment technology, you can end up with a job that’s all play! Scouts will learn how to animate their own artwork, create their own special effects, get introduced to video game development and much more.

Cadette – Netiquette

Technology makes it simple for us to stay in touch with our friends and family. However, we need to be responsible about what we send or post online. Scouts will learn all about how to make positive choices in the online world.

Cadette – Night Owl

With electricity, it's easy to overlook the mysteries and beauty of the world after the sun goes down. The Pleasure Pier invites scouts to stay up late and explore our rides at night! This program is offered as an overnight and allows scouts to complete all requirements to earn their Night Owl Badge. Discover nocturnal adaptations, enjoy a scavenger hunt, create a nocturnal craft, explore the beach in the dark, and more!

Cost: $71.99 per Scout

Senior – Business Etiquette

No matter what your dream job is, basic business manners will always come in handy. Scouts will learn how to communicate with style and confidence, ace an interview, explore how to behave while on the job, as well as other beneficial skills to take on the business world!

Ambassador – Water

Water –it’s familiar yet so mysterious! In this program, scouts will dive deeper into the beauty of water from its scientific origins to the joys of splashing around in it, as well as the importance of water conservation.